About Us

                      WILLIAMSON MAGOR GROUP (WM)

                      KILBURN Engineering Ltd. is a part of Williamson Magor (WM) group
                      WM was established in 1869 by Captain J.H. Williamson & Richard Boycott Magor
                      Group Headquartered in Kolkata, India & is presently headed by Mr B. M. Khaitan with interests in Tea, Batteries & Engineering.
                      Major Group Companies include

                      • Eveready Industries India Ltd – well known makers of dry cell batteries
                      • McLeod Russel India Ltd. – Largest bulk tea producer in the world
                      • McNally Bharat Engineering Co. Ltd. (MBECL) – EPC major in mining & material handling
                      • McNally Sayaji Engineering Ltd. (Subsidiary of MBECL) – Leading manufacturers of crushing, screening & grinding equipment.

                      Group Turnover: F.Y. 2015 – 16 – In excess of INR 6000 CR.
                      Promoters: Mr. B M Khaitan, ?Mr. Aditya Khaitan, Mr. Amritanshu Khaitan

                      ABOUT KILBURN

                        • Specialized for nearly four decades in Process Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of various critically customized process equipment for diverse applications
                        • Only company in the world to offer comprehensive range of dryers for solid, liquid and gas under one roof to cover wide range of industries such as chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, refineries, power, steel, cement, fertilizer, mining, sewage treatment, food etc. It also manufactures specially designed packages required for various onshore and offshore applications.
                        • The applications range from drying and processing of materials, such as PVC, Carbon Black, Soda Ash, Sodium Cyanide, Rubber, Heavy Chemicals, Sewage to Sugar, Paddy, Tea, Coconut etc.
                        • Sound financial credentials.Exports 30 – 40% of the total turn-over?every year.
                        • World class manufacturing and testing facility near Mumbai, India.In-house pilot plant facility available for testing of different material.

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                        • Professionally managed by Board of Directors with representatives from promoters & independent directors.
                        • Listed in Bombay Stock Exchange, India & Calcutta Stock Exchange, India. CIN number is L24232WB1987PLC042956
                        • Talented pool of 250 skilled workmen with specialized and experienced 150 management staff in various disciplines.
                        • Highly qualified and talented pool of engineers in Mechanical, Chemical, Metallurgical, Electrical and instrumentation disciplines.
                        • Production support from experienced in-house subcontractors as also engagement of competent outsourcing entities.
                        • High-Quality Standards have brought about total customer satisfaction with every product manufactured and supplied by Kilburn. This in turn has brought about splendid growth in business volumes.
                        • The real strength of KILBURN lies in Technology Oriented Functional Groups within company, with in-depth knowledge and experience in various aspects of material to be dried and DRYING SYSTEMS. With an inbuilt capacity to design and innovate & well equipped R&D Centre, Kilburn has been able to successfully provide specialized DRYERS for products such as Tea, Sugar, Rice, Paddy, Coconut, Salt, Chilli and other food products, which have so far been processed in age-old, inefficient conventional dryers.

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                      To be a major global player and the most admired organization in the domestic and international markets.


                      ? To deliver world class quality & cost effective Equipment, Projects & EPC Services on time.
                      ? To focus utmost on Customer Delight.
                      ? To acquire leadership in the international market.

                      Our actions:

                      • To enhance stakeholders’ value.
                      • To be efficient and effective in providing optimum solutions.
                      • To empower & encourage employees to take initiative and deliver their best.
                      • To act with honesty and integrity without compromising on truth.
                      • To collaborate with internal and external agencies to ensure quality products & services.
                      • To transact with customers, colleagues and suppliers with respect, dignity & integrity.
                      • Customer is the focal point of our Quality Policy.
                      • We are committed to Customer Satisfaction and build strong business relationships with them. Our endeavor is to remain the Customer’s preferred choice.
                      • Our Customer will experience professional competence in our deliveries. Our Quality Policy ensures that we are recognized and trusted for our integrity and the Quality of our products & services.

                      KILBURN recognizes and discharges its responsibilities as a responsible employer for sound, safe & health management of its employees, contractors and other persons who may be affected directly and indirectly by any of its activities.

                      KILBURN has extensive and sophisticated R&D facilities equipped with entire range of pilot plant dryers:

                      • Paddle Dryer
                      • Vaccum Paddle Dryer
                      • Band Dryer
                      • Fluid Bed Dryer
                      • Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

                      All drying systems are well equipped with proper instrumentation. Facility for different modes of heating is available in-house.

                      Pilot Plant trial takes care of the following client requirements :

                      • Material Characteristics
                      • Selection of dryer type
                      • Energy Consideration
                      • Space optimisation
                      • Scale up of equipment for commercial purpose
                      • Cost Effectiveness

                      Apart from In-House R & D, KILBURN has successfully assimilated world class technologies and developed equipment, many of them first time in the country.

                      Pilot Plant Facilities:

                      Fluid Bed Dryer

                      Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

                      Paddle Dryer

                      Vaccum Paddle Dryer

                      KILBURN has technical collaboration agreements, both on regular & case to case basis,with world-class technology companies:

                      TECHNICAL COLLABORATION

                      Nara Machinery Co. Ltd. Japan.

                      Fluid Bed, Paddle and Flash Dryers.

                      Carrier Vibrating Equipment inc. USA.

                      Vibrating Fluid Bed dryers including coal dryers, Conveyors/ Screens, Spiral Elevators

                      TECHNICAL ASSOCIATION

                      Emde Industrie Technik GmbH, Germany.

                      High speed Rotary Vacuum Filter for Soda Ash.

                      NOVARGI (Nova-Synergy Industrial Solutions, S.L.)

                      Fired Hearters, Reformers, Waste Heat Recovery, Solar Systems, DeNox Systems, Gasification & Skid Mounted Packages.

                      Over the years, KILBURN has successfully assimilated collaborator’s technology and has continuously upgraded the equipment and systems to match the developments across the world. KILBURN actively participates in International Technical Meetings and Seminars, Workshops and Trade Fairs to keep abreast of the latest developments.

                      KILBURN has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for fabrication, machining and assembly of the equipments situated at :
                      6, MIDC INDUSTRIAL AREA
                      KALYAN – BHIWANDI ROAD
                      SARAVALI, THANE 421 311
                      MAHARASHTRA – INDIA .

                      SALIENT FEATURES

                      ◆ AREA OF PLOT : 30,960 sq. mtrs.

                      Covered Manufacturing Area: 13,450 sq.mtrs.

                      Office Space: 2,850 sq.mtrs.

                      ◆ INSTALLED POWER: 1350 KVA with full backup.

                      There are 4 Bays each measuring 133 Meters Long x 23 Meters Wide x 12 / 8 Meters High

                      ◆ Heavy Bay: Equipped with 50 T and 25 T EOTCrane (12 mtrs. Under the hook)

                      ◆ Medium Bay: Equipped with 25 T EOT Cranes 2 numbers (12 mtrs. Under the hook)

                      ◆ Light Bay: Equipped with 20 T and 10T EOT Cranes (8 mtrs. Under the hook)

                      ◆ Machine Shop: Equipped with 5 T EOT Cranes 2 numbers (8 mtrs. Under the hook)

                      MAJOR EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY

                      A. Metal Cutting & Forming

                      ◆ CNC Press Brake 250-260 T capacity
                      ◆ Hydraulic Press 300 MT capacity
                      ◆ Press Brake Godrej Make 160 T capacity
                      ◆ Hydraulic Press 150 MT capacity

                      Shears / Bending Machines
                      ◆ Hydraulic NC Shearing Machine
                      ◆ Shearing Machine Simtool make ( 3 m x 13 mm. thk.)
                      ◆ Hydraulic Plate Blending Machine – 2 nos

                      Cutting Machines
                      ◆ CNC plasma cutting machine
                      ◆ Pug Cutting Machine for different thickness
                      ◆ Manual Plasma Cutting Machine
                      ◆ Portable edge preparation machine
                      ◆ Portable keyway Cutting Machine

                      Other Metal Forming Machines
                      ◆ Automatic Beveling Machine
                      ◆ Electronic Torque Control Tube Expander
                      ◆ Nibbling Machine

                      B. Welding Machines

                      ◆ CO2 / MIG-MAG welding machine
                      ◆ TIG Welding Machine, 200A, 350A capacity
                      ◆ CO2/MIG Welding Machine 400A
                      ◆ MMA Welding Machine (Rectifier & Generator) 350A, 400A, 500A
                      ◆ Multisystem Synergic MIG & TIG Imported (MILLER MAKE) 500 A capacity
                      ◆ Spot Welding Machine
                      ◆ Column & Boom with SAW facility (Lincon make)

                      C. Machining

                      Drilling Machines
                      ◆ Radial Drilling Machine HMT make RM 65 – 3 Nos. (Tube sheet thick 200 mm Hole dia 65 mm)
                      ◆ Magnetic Portable Drilling Machine

                      Universal Milling Machine.
                      ◆ BFW make Universal – (UF 2- model) 2 No.
                      ◆ BFW make Universal – 1 No.

                      ◆ CNC Multiple tooling long Lathe HMT make
                      ◆ Heavy Duty Long Lathe 7 M long (BECO Make)
                      ◆ Medium Size Lathe 2 M HMT make – 3 Nos.

                      Shaping Machine
                      ◆ 1 M x 0.5 M – 2 Nos.

                      D. Others

                      Balancing Equipment
                      ◆ Dynamic Balancing Machine FIE Make

                      ◆ Compressed Air Gun
                      ◆ Control Humidity Chamber/Sand Blasting Facility

                      ◆ Pneumatic Compressor for Pneumatic Grinding & Chipping
                      ◆ Diesel Generator 750 KVA – 1 No.
                      ◆ Diesel Generator 125 KVA – 1 No.

                      KILBURN has a full fledged Quality Assurance Group to ensure strict quality control as per laid down in-house quality procedures.
                      KILBURN ensures total adherence to customers quality requirements as specified by them and/or by their Consultants and Third Party Inspectors.

                      QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

                      KILBURN is continually recertified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The current certification conforms to ISO 9001 : 2008.

                      ASME ‘U’ stamp

                      Kilburn manufactures High Pressure Vessels confirming to several National and International standards. Kilburn’s workshop facilities are approved for coded Pressure Vessels.

                      Kilburn has been accredited by ASME & has received “U Stamp” certificate.

                      NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFICATE

                      Kilburn has been approved by the National Board for Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

                      QUALITY ASSURANCE

                      Kilburn’s manufacturing facility meets all the national and international quality standards including product conformity to:

                      • CE /?PED / SASO / DOSH etc. certification.
                      • Specific requirements of Consultant’s/Customers like EIL, ONGC, ARAMCO etc.

                      EXPERIENCE IN MATERIALS

                      Kilburn has experience in fabrication of a variety of materials such as:

                      • Aluminium
                      • Hastalloy
                      • Duplex stainless steel
                      • Nickel & Nickel alloys
                      • CS & SS NACE
                      • All grades of stainless steel
                      • Carbon Steel
                      • Titanium
                      • Inconel 600
                      • Inconel 800
                      • Monel
                      • Incoloy 825


                      Kilburn’s manufacturing facility meets all the national and international quality standards including those-of:

                      • Aker Kvaerner
                      • Development Consultants Pvt.Limited
                      • Engineers India Ltd.
                      • Fluor Daniel
                      • IBI Chematur Pvt.Ltd
                      • Jacobs Engineering Limited
                      • Linde Engineering India Pvt.Ltd
                      • L&T Valdel
                      • Lurgi, India
                      • M N Dastur & Co.
                      • Mcdermott Engineering Services
                      • Mecon
                      • Mott Macdonald
                      • Snamprogetti, Italy
                      • Technimont ICB
                      • Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solution (Uhde India Limited)
                      • Toyo Engineering Limited


                      Following Inspection & Testing Facilities are available :

                      ? Pressure and Vacuum Test Pneumatic and Hydraulic
                      ? NDT: Radiography, Dye Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Examination, Ultrasonic Examination.(outsourced)
                      ? Radiography enclosure.
                      ? Destructive Test Physical, Chemical, Corrosion Test, Micro, Macro, etc. (outsourced).
                      ? Precision Measuring Instruments such as Verniers, Micrometers Bore Gauges, Dial Indicators, etc.
                      ? Development and Interpretation of Radiographs in dark room.
                      ? Measuring Instruments for noise level.
                      ? Vibration Measuring Instruments.
                      ? Temperature, Pressures, Humidity measuring instruments/gauges
                      ? Mechanical Run-Test of Rotary equipments.
                      ? Performance Testing of Blowers on a test bed.
                      ? Hardness Testing of Raw Material
                      ? Dynamic Balancing of Blowers
                      ? A comprehensive set of miscellaneous testing instruments and computerised system of inspection reports are available. These are Calibrated periodically as per international standards.


                      • Receipt of SAMPLE FROM CLIENT with material safety data-sheet (MSDS), wherever possible.
                      • SELECTION OF TYPE OF PILOT PLANT based on vast data-bank on drying various products.
                      • PILOT PLANT TEST, if required, and scaling up of results for the required capacity.
                      • VISIT TO CLIENT’S SITE for ensuring completeness of scope, adherence to specifications and accommodation of offered system in the existing space.
                      • Technical offer submission along with SAVINGS, COST-BENEFIT, CALCULATIONS etc. as required.
                      • RUNNING EQUIPMENT SITE visit, manufacturing plant visit etc. as required.
                      • Dedicated project team as SINGLE POINT CONTACT during order execution from KOM to supply.
                      • STATE OF-THE-ART MANUFACTURING set up which operates with established procedure.
                      • INTERNAL TESTING, INSPECTION (customer, consultant, TPIA as applicable), documentation and safe despatch of equipment to site within agreed delivery period.
                      • DEDICATED AND EXPERIENCED TEAM OF ENGINEERS for supervision during erection and commissioning at client site.
                      • Supervision during PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE TEST RUN (PGTR) and display of guaranteed parameters as agreed.
                      • SITE TRAINING on operation and maintenance of the equipment.
                      • Prompt supply of SPARES AND SERVICE during entire equipment life.

                      ROTARY DRYERS FOR CARBON BLACK

                      World’s Leading Company for their
                      various plants in France, U.S.A, India, China, etc.

                      ROTARY DRYER

                      2 nos. Rotary dryers for S-PVC application for Reliance Inds Ltd for Gandhar plant in Gujarat

                      ROTARY CALCINER (INCONEL 600)

                      (Indirectly Heated)
                      A reputed company in China

                      ROTARY DRYERS FOR CARBON BLACK

                      For : Columbian Chemicals for their various plants
                      In Brazil, Canada, Germany & Hungary

                      WATER TUBE ROTARY COOLERS

                      For: Bertrams,Switzerland
                      For various International Customers

                      FLUID BED DRYER FOR DENSE SODA ASH

                      Capacity : 600 TPH
                      For: Nirma Limited

                      FLUID BED DRYERS for SPVC

                      SABIC-Saudi Arabia, Chemplast Sanmar India & Thailand, TCI Sanmar-Egypt.


                      600 TPD
                      For: Tata Chemicals & Gujarat Heavy Chemicals (GHCL)


                      480 TPD (6 nos.)
                      800 TPD (1 no.)
                      For: Nirma Ltd. Bhavnagar


                      Supplied more than 150 nos. for various ONGC platforms through various contractors such as Mazgaon Docks Ltd. (MDL), Larsen & Toubro (L&T), NPCC, Sapura, Hyundai, Samsung, Mcdermott etc.


                      Pure Nickel Construction
                      For: GACL, RIL


                      Approximately more than 100 nos.
                      For: Nuclear Power Corporation (NPC)

                      PADDLE DRYERS

                      (Under ASME ‘U’ Stamp)
                      For:Leading Pharmaceuticals & Textile Co.

                      HEAVY WATER RECOVERY SYSTEMS

                      For: Nuclear Power Corporation
                      Approximately. more than 70 nos.

                      ROTARY DRUMS

                      8 Nos Rotary drums, 2 Nos each of Granulator, Dryer, Cooler & Coater, for NPK/DAP plants of Deepak Fertilizers Ltd., Taloja plant.


                      (Truck Loading Gantry)
                      For: Reliance Industries Ltd. (Petro Chemical Unit)

                      FLUID BED CALCINER

                      High Temperature fluid bed calciner for company in south India in Inconel 600 material of construction.


                      Capacity : 150 TPH, Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer
                      For: JSW Ispat Limited

                      Capacity : 50 TPH, Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer
                      For: Kalyani Steel, Karnataka

                      SLUDGE DRYERS

                      1. Sandoz Ltd
                      2. Torrent Pharmaceuticals
                      3. Natco Pharma
                      4. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
                      5. Rohini Textiles
                      6. Himmatsingka Linens
                      & Many more..

                      LIQUID PROPYLENE DRYING UNIT

                      (To dry dozen to less than 1 ppm)
                      For: IBN Zahr, Saudi Arabia

                      TEA DRYER (KILBURN Vibro Fluid Bed Dryers)

                      100 to 650 kg/hr of Black Tea. World’s Most Popular Tea Dryer More than 1600 installations
                      Supplied to almost all tea-producing countries in the world

                      ROTARY DRYER

                      2 Nos to RIL, Dahej & 2 Nos to RIL, Hazira.

                      DRYER & CALCINER

                      Turbo tray dryer & Rotary calciner for Heavy water board project at Kalpakam, Tamilnadu.

                      ROTARY VACUUM FILTER

                      High speed rotary vacuum filter for sodium-bi-carbonate to Nirma Ltd. of capacity 480 tonnes per day.